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Securitize Makes History at Monster Digital Securities Event
Securitize Makes History at
Monster Digital Securities Event
Jamie Finn
President of Securitize

The President of Securitize, Jamie Finn, made a historic announcement from the Monster Digital Securities Token Event at World Crypto Con in Las Vegas. Securitize is a gold corporate member of the Security Token Academy. The Securitize platform was successful in the first security token transfer on a public blockchain. In this interview with Security Token Academy’s host, Adam Chapnick, hear how the company partnered with AirSwap to make the groundbreaking deal happen.

Four Innovations to Transform Finance
Dan Doney
CEO of Securrency

During a Spotlight Talk at the Security Token Industry Launch Event, Daniel Doney, CEO of Securrency, talks about the four innovations to transform finance. Topics included: How security tokens are bringing compliance to the blockchain, global identity proofing, Compliance Aware tokens (Securrency’s CAT20 token), machine-readable policy and regulations, automated regulatory reporting, and how security tokens can affect you.

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The Security Token Academy is hosting another Los Angeles meetup on Tuesday, November 20th at Maggiano’s at The Grove. This free event will feature food, drinks, valuable insights from industry leaders, networking opportunities and more! We'll also be taping on-site interviews, so be sure to find one of our field producers if you'd like to get on the list.

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