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My Top Five Takeaways from the First Ever Security Token Summit


Cadre on Medium

I left the Summit hopeful and excited about the direction and long term potential of the security token industry. As a potential user, Cadre and I will closely monitor the industry’s progress and would be delighted to participate in the ongoing substantive conversations to ensure the business hype is met with legal and regulatory clarity and certainty.


Optimism for Digital Assets Shines at Security Token Summit


Crowdfund Insider

At the first Security Token Summit held in New York City last week, a series of speakers discussed the emerging market with some individuals postulating that efficiencies driven by distributed ledger technology (DLT) will create a new era of investments.


Security Token Summit in NYC: The Right People in the right Industry Moment


Solidus Labs on Medium

Light on buzz, heavy on substance, free of ICO pitches and more dedicated to learning and conversation than to selling and raising?—?the Security Token Summit in New York this past Monday was a unique event in the realm of Blockchain.


tZero Says it is Meeting with SEC & 40 Regulators to Discuss Initial Coin Offering Regulations


Crowdfund Insider

Joe Cammarata, President of tZero, was visiting with Security Token Academy last week when he made an interesting comment.