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Abel Cuskelly on Commerical Real Estate and Security Tokens

Expert Interview

Abel Cuskelly,Co-Founder & CEO, Abstract Tokenization

Abel Cuskelly

Abel previously co-founded Pogoseat, where he led enterprise sales and business development. Pogoseat, which is still operating, is an enterprise, real-time ticket upgrade solution that is integrated into the mobile apps and ticketing systems of team clients in the NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS and EPL as well as select AEG venues for both sports games & concerts. The company was accelerated by AngelPad, raised $5.5 million in angel & venture capital and was the first to integrate with Ticketmaster's ticketing system, amongst others..

Prior to that at Merrill Lynch in Menlo Park, he managed just under $3/4 billion dollars in investments from silicon valley corporations, executives and founders. He was #1 in the nation out of thousands of his peers in new client assets acquired in 2008 and #4 in 2009.