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Lou Kerner

Founding Partner of CryptoOracle

Lou Kerner is a Founding Partner of CryptoOracle, a Crypto VC and Advisory firm focused exclusively on investing and advising entities leveraging, blockchain, cryptocurrency, smart contracts and decentralization. CryptoOracle Co-Host’s BlockFin, the largest Crypto Focused FinTech Conference in the world. Lou has been a Crypto enthusiast, investor, public speaker and thought leader since 2013, when the Wall Street Journal called Lou “Wall Sreet’s Bitcoin Expert”. Lou regularly hosts conference calls and Meetups with Crypto industry innovators attended by hundreds of Crypto enthusiasts and investors from around the world. Lou is currently ranked among the Top 5 most influential Crypto bloggers on Medium, regularly keynotes major Crypto industry events, and often appears on TV or in print talking about Crypto.

Prior to CryptoOracle, Lou was a Partner at the decentralized VC, Flight, where he managed The Israel Founders Syndicate. Prior to Flight, Lou was the Managing Partner of The Social Internet Fund (SIF), which invested in shares of rapidly growing tech companies. Prior to SIF, Lou was an angel investor, best known for investing in Facebook and writing the first Wall Street style research report on the company in 2010. Before angel investing, Lou ran two digital companies, Bolt (the largest social network before MySpace), and .tv, which commercialized the top-level domain (.tv) licensed from the tiny island nation of Tuvalu. .tv was acquired by Verisign. Prior to .tv, Lou had a distinguished career as an equity analyst following media and tech companies for Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch.

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Chris Housser

Co-founder and COO, Polymath Network

Chris Housser is the co-founder of Polymath. He is a former litigation lawyer and Afghanistan veteran.

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Daniel Coheur

Co-founder and CSO of Tokeny

Daniel is the co-founder and CSO of Tokeny. In this role he can lever the experience of his corporate background, which cantered around global growth of transactional based enterprises. In banking (Clearstream Banking owned by Deutsche Boerse), and telecommunication (Syniverse owned by The Carlyle Group). He is a genuine entrepreneur who mentored and funded several start-ups before creating his own investment boutique. Daniel is also an adviser for StartUp42, a non-profit startup accelerator part of the EPITA, the Paris based Graduate School of Computer Engineering. He holds an MSc. of Economics and Business Administration from HEC Liege (Belgium) and from the University of Valladolid (Spain). He resides in Luxembourg and is married with four children.

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Tokeny The Luxembourg based fintech is dedicated to providing an institutional grade, secure end-to-end platform, supporting the sale and management of tokens during and after an STO. Tokeny is able to bring to its clients the experience of being the first European platform delivering live projects, including $250m of Property, and €50m of Equities.

The Tokeny platform allows a company to focus on its business concept, marketing, and all the other aspects of an STO without needing to be concerned with any of the technical challenges.

Tokeny solutions handle high volumes of contributors simultaneously, while also managing bank grade KYC & AML compliance, as well as a fully featured contributors’ portal and well tested smart contracts.

The international team behind Tokeny brings skills from the traditional securities world, as well as blockchain, and decades of experience in delivering mission critical global technology solutions.

Jamie Finn

President and Co-Founder of Securitize

Jamie Finn is the President and co-founder of Securitize Inc., one of the fastest growing companies in issuing security tokens. During his nearly 20-year career, he has worked in six countries with startups and corporations and participated in more than $750m worth of transactions including Kontera, Sansa Security, Jajah, Tokbox, RingRing Media and Zingy.

Before co-founding Securitize, Jamie helped grow Aki Technologies from $1m in revenue and eight staffers to one with more than 60 people and tens of millions in revenue. Prior to that, he held executive roles at Ericsson, Telefònica o2, and AT&T.

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Securitize An end-to-end platform for issuers that are seeking to tokenize assets

Timo Lehes

Co-founder & CIO of Swarm

Timo has over 20 years of experience from starting, running, exiting and investing in software companies. Throughout his career, Timo has invested in more than 40 companies. With a specific focus on Fintech, he has contributed to the creation of several alternative investment platforms. He currently serves as a board member at BankerBay, the world’s largest deal origination platform for mid-market Private Equity deals. He holds degrees in engineering and business administration from Chalmers University of Technology and early stage investing from continuing studies at Stanford School of Business.

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