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Jor Law

Co-founder of Verify Investor, LLC

Jor is a pioneer in building out the ecosystem for digitizing and trading securities on the blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies. A corporate, finance, and securities attorney, he is most well-known for his expertise in alternative finance, including EB-5, venture capital, crowdfunding, and initial coin offerings (ICOs). He is a co-founder of, the dominant accredited investor verification service in the world and a founding shareholder of Homeier Law PC. He is an expert on attracting and verifying accredited investors. Within the crypto space, he's most passionate about securities regulations affecting tokens, identity for regulatory purposes vs privacy and anonymity, and cross-ledger or cross-chain technologies.

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Lead Technical Developer for Zeppelin's Transaction Permission Layer

0age is the lead technical developer for Zeppelin's Transaction Permission Layer, a protocol for assigning metadata to Ethereum addresses that, among other use-cases, enables securities tokens to ensure regulatory compliance before performing token transfers. Specializing in smart contract and decentralized application development, 0age is the founding member of theCyber, a decentralized club on the Ethereum blockchain, and a contributor to Ethernaut, a popular educational site where players try to find smart contract vulnerabilities in a series of war-games.

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Mason Borda

CEO, TokenSoft

Building on the blockchain since 2013 - Mason has built custom wallet infrastructure from the ground up, and helped scale BitGo’s multi-signature wallet platform up to $1 Billion in transactions per month. In 2016 he launched the world’s first multi-signature web wallet on the Ethereum platform, While at BitGo he architected and prototyped the cold storage infrastructure for the blockchain launched by the Royal Mint of England.

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Tokensoft is a technology platform that enables small businesses, enterprises, and institutions to meet compliance requirements for blockchain-based securities at issuance, distribution and exchange. The TokenSoft platform enables its clients to meet banking, securities and tax requirements in over 50 countries. Current and past clients include Hedera Hashgraph, The Tezos Foundation and Andra Capital.

Rachel Lam

Market Lead, Financial Services at Hedera Hashgraph


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Tomohiro Nakamura

Chief Technology Officer at AnyPay

Tomo started his career at Goldman Sachs, where he led the development of Settlement and Clearance systems for stocks and bonds. He, then, joined Playfish/Electronic Arts as one of the first engineers in Japan, before co-founding a Japanese startup Wekids. He now serves as AnyPay's CTO, overseeing the development of its digital payments and blockchain-related services.

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AnyPay is a leading Asian FinTech company with offices in Tokyo and Singapore. Founded by Shinji Kimura, a Japanese serial entrepreneur, the company has been providing a number of services, including a digital payment platform and ICO advisory, through which AnyPay helped ICO projects to raise over $80M in total. Having already advised on 3 Security Token Offerings (STOs), AnyPay's newest venture is a software platform that provides an integrated and one-stop solution for companies to launch STOs. With its extensive network of partners in Asia, the company aims to build an STO infrastructure for one of world's growing markets.

Boris Reznikov

Director of Partnerships at Inter/stellar

Boris Reznikov is Director of Partnerships at Inter/stellar, where he runs the Asset Issuance business. In this capacity Boris seeks to usher in a new era of tokenized securities and to foster an ecosystem that is home to a diverse array of high quality assets.

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