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Interview with Margaux Avedisian, EVP, Transform Group



Margaux Avedisian:

When I'm looking at companies to invest in now, because it's maturing more, you're seeing a lot of companies that have MVPs or some even have clients. Some have well known VCs investing in their equity round. I like companies that are more at a later stage-

Adam Chapnick:

Oh, interesting.

Margaux Avedisian:

... and already have clients or users and then they're integrating that blockchain element and so that's kind of a no-brainer to me. I definitely think that security tokens are going to be a new trend going on. It's a really interesting proposition but it's also really hilarious because before no one wanted to be a security, they wanted to just be a utility token. Now it's everyone's going probably want to be a security token. So it's a very different kind of shift. Any sort of clarity on regulation I think is a good thing but America's definitely starting to fall behind. A lot of these ICOs either just want accredited U.S. investors or just blocking U.S. investors completely. I think that's doing a disservice for America.

I'm actually really excited about companies that already have partnership deals and also a seamless integration of tokens. So one company, Simply Vital Healthcare, Yale University invested in their equity round, their hospital, their basically connecting the mental health record companies with their own blockchain so they can speak to each other. But the cool thing is they already have these partnerships with a couple hospitals and every month the hospital pays a subscription fee and they have tokens in order to use the system but the people using their platform don't realize that there's tokens. They don't realize that every month they're re-upping them in tokens. So I really think that is eventually going to be the future where people are realizing that they're using tokens.