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The Five Dimensions of Security Tokens - The Third Wave of a New Financial Internet

Bitcoin started the movement. The crypto zeitgeist began with Bitcoin along with a technical foundation of blockchain, also called distributed ledger technology (DLT).

Ideological and social foundations based on decentralization, disintermediation of traditional government or corporate organizations has become part of this movement. While financial services is the first “killer app” of blockchain technology, the concept of a distributed ledger has a large number of applications.

Indeed enterprise and inter-enterprise blockchain applications may be able to improve operating efficiencies of established financial services organizations in banking, investment, and capital markets.

At the same time, applications of blockchain are creating new opportunities to the users of the financial industry.

We have been witnessing an evolution of newly emerging applications that can support what some would call a new financial internet.


Core Foundations

A key area of our coverage will be an exclusive, members-only series on the Core Foundations of the Security Token Industry

There are a number of essential building blocks for the industry – some that are already emerging, some that are in the works, and some that are yet to be defined. Beyond that, the industry will need to plan and implement how these building blocks will work together.

Possible Security Token Industry Building Blocks including:

  • Technical foundations, such as blockchains and Smart Contracts. Technical foundations of security tokens will be the focus of our members-only video event on July 19.
  • Trading organizations is another possible building block. Our Security Token Summit that took place in New York City last month focused on the emergence of exchanges and trading organizations, and the related issues. The videos from this event are available only to our members.
  • Regulatory foundations are starting to emerge, but where will they go?
  • And other possible building blocks could be interoperability, custody, and others.

As a Security Token Academy member, you'll be able to learn about these core topics and engage in the dialog and discussions happening amongst industry experts.

Security Token Academy Members Only Special Coverage
Members Only Special Coverage

As a member, you can watch extended video interviews with full-length discussions and backstories of Tatiana Koffman, Fabian Vogelsteller, Michael Homeier, Jeremy Gardner, and more!

Security Token Summit at the Conrad New York on June 11th 2018
Security Token Summit Videos

The Security Token Summit was a groundbreaking event that brought together 35 experts who shared their intelligence on what security tokens are, how they trade on the emerging exchanges and trading organizations, and how they can take on Wall Street.

Security Token Academy Members Only Q&A
Members Only Q & A

Co-Founder of Verify Investor, Jor Law, discusses the latest industry directions as well as future trends of the technical foundations of security tokens in this members-only video.