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The Digital Wrapper is a series of narrative, behind-the-scenes interviews with the teams, networks, and projects building out the security token industry. Each edition, our team sits down with one team or project to discuss tokenization topics around regulation, technology, and the rapidly-growing security token ecosystem.


The Interviews

Omnia Markets CEO / Founder Mitesh Shah

Omnia Markets
Mitesh Shah

Mitesh Shah is the CEO and Founder at Omnia Markets, a new cryptoasset analytics platform. In this interview, we discuss how Omnia Markets will leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive learning to create a blockchain-based crypto and security token analytics platform.

Wave Financial President & Managing Partner - Benjamin Tsai

Wave Financial
Benjamin Tsai

Benjamin Tsai is the President and Managing Partner at Wave Financial, an asset manager focused on digital assets and blockchain-based securities. In this interview, we discuss a number of tokenized products that Wave aims to construct for its clients—starting with tokenized funds for crypto derivatives, Japanese race horses, Picasso art, and whiskey.

Marc Boiron, Partner at FisherBroyles

Fisher Broyles
Marc Boiron

Marc Boiron is a Partner at Fisher Broyles, a cloud-based full-service law firm for the twenty-first century. In this interview, we discuss blockchain technology's improvements on legacy cap table management and corporate governance, the implications of the SEC’s Digital Asset Framework, and the importance of Security Token Academy’s newly-launched Professional Membership program.

Jamie Finn, President & Co-founder & Brian Farber, General Counsel of Securitize

Jamie Finn & Brian Farber

Jamie Finn (Co-Founder and President) and Brian Farber (General Counsel) are building Securitize, an end-to-end technology platform for security tokens. In this interview, we discuss Securitize’s NYC and London expansion, building lifecycle technology for security tokens, and Securitize's new SEC-registered transfer agent license for blockchain-based securities.

Dave Hendricks - CEO of Vertalo

Dave Hendricks

Dave Hendricks is the CEO of Vertalo, a blockchain-agnostic cap table solutions company for security tokens. In this interview, we discuss Vertalo’s role managing and connecting security token cap tables to secondary trading platforms. We also discuss end-to-end security token lifecycle management, and Vertalo’s latest technology release called the V-Token.

Benjamin Hauser - CEO of Hyperlink Technology

Hyperlink Technology
Ben Hauser

Benjamin Hauser is the CEO of Hyperlink Technology, a tokenization platform for regulated securities. In this interview, we discuss the impact of security tokens on both private and public asset markets, Wyoming’s forward-looking blockchain statutes, and Hyperlink Technology's focus on deal-oriented tokenization products.

Luc Falempin - CEO of Tokeny

Luc Falempin

Luc Falempin is the CEO of Tokeny, an end-to-end tokenization platform based in Luxembourg. In this interview, we discuss Tokeny’s compliance framework for security tokens (T-REX), its new blockchain-based identity initiative (investorID), and Tokeny’s latest partnership with global law firm DLA Piper.

Patrick Byrne - CEO of Overstock

Overstock: Medici Ventures + tZERO
Patrick Byrne

Patrick Byrne is the CEO of Overstock, the parent company of Medici Ventures and the security token trading platform tZERO. In this interview, we discuss Medici Ventures’ Blockchain Tech Stack for Civilization, tZERO’s competitive advantages, and Patrick’s vision for a tokenized world.

Tron Black - Ravencoin Lead Developer

Tron Black

Tron Black is the principal developer at Overstock subsidiary Medici Ventures, and lead developer of open source project Ravencoin — a blockchain built to handle the easy creation, management, and transfer of digital assets. In this interview, we discuss the technical benefits of Ravencoin and its tailored two-token approach for securities compliance.

Michael Oved - Co-Founder, AirSwap & Todd Lippiatt - CEO & Co-Founder, Fluidity Factora

Fluidity Factora
Michael Oved / Todd Lippiatt

Michael Oved and Todd Lippiatt have joined together to create Fluidity Factora — a recently merged team upgrading financial infrastructure by refactoring real-world assets as blockchain tokens. In this interview, we discuss Fluidity Factora’s groundbreaking new tokenization projects in New York, their viral security token CRE whitepaper titled The Two-Token Waterfall, and the importance of stable coins for security token projects.