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Top Security Token Takeaways From NYC

The Tokenist

Last week, the leading minds in the security token industry’s legal and regulatory space convened in New York City to discuss the future of digital asset and security token regulations. Security Token Academy, the top educational firm focused on facilitating the security token industry, hosted the Security Token New York Meetup.


Nick Cowan from the Gibraltar Stock Exchange, and Derek Edward Schloss from the Security Token Academy, Discuss the Future of Digital Assets

Crowdfund Insider

Recently, Crowdfund Insider spoke to Nick Cowan, Managing Director and Founder, Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX), along with Derek Edward Schloss, Director of Strategy, Security Token Academy, to ask them about their up-close perspective on the emerging digital asset realm of finance.


Blockchain tech solution to IPO decline, says former NASDAQ exec | Micky


A former vice-chairman for Nasdaq, David Weild witnessed first-hand the many obstacles companies faced when going public. Wanting to rectify this situation, he authored a paper in 2010 that instigated the Jumpstart our Business Startups (JOBS) Act.


Security Token Academy Plans NYC Meetup On Sept. 26 - The Tokenist

The Tokenist

The Security Token Academy is hosting a networking event for those in the security token industry on September 26. It will be held in New York City and will include multiple high-profile panelists.


Why it Matters: The SEC’s Approval of Securitize as a Transfer Agent

The Tokenist

Last month, Securitize became an SEC-registered transfer agent. Recently, Brian Farber— General Counsel to Securitize— sat down with the Security Token Academy’s Digital Wrapper for an interview. One topic of discussion was the importance of Securitize becoming a transfer agent.


Stephen McKeon, Chief Strategy Advisor of Security Token Academy – Interview Series


Stephen McKeon is the Chief Strategy Advisor of Security Token Academy. He is also an Assoc. Professor of Finance at University of Oregon and Partner at Collaborative Fund.


Stephen McKeon Details the ‘Eight Key Features’ that will Accelerate Security Token Adoption - The Tokenist

The Tokenist

Stephen McKeon is an Associate Professor of Finance at the University of Oregon, a partner at Collaborative Fund, and author of critically acclaimed whitepaper, the Security Token Thesis. In a recent podcast with the Security Token Academy, McKeon outlined eight features which he says will facilitate the adoption of security tokens.


Security Token London Meetup Recap


In June, Security Token Academy hosted the inaugural Security Token London meetup, working in partnership with Fincross International.


Crypto Expert Stephen McKeon Comments on Kik’s ICO Battle with the Security and Exchange Commission

Crowdfund Insider

Crowdfund Insider recently reached out to Stephen McKeon, a Professor of Finance at the University of Oregon. McKeon is an academic expert in cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and corporate finance, including venture capital, private equity, and entrepreneurial finance. McKeon is also the Chief Strategy Advisor at the Security Token Academy.


Security Token Academy announces London gathering

Yahoo Finance

The Security Token Academy (STA) will be holding its first UK event next month. Focused on covering and facilitating the evolution of the security token industry, the STA will be hosting its ‘London Meetup Kickoff’ event on Wednesday June 12. The event takes place at the exclusive Hay Hill Club in Mayfair


Security Token Academy announces London gathering

Coin Rivet

Security Token Academy lines up event to bring together experts and share insights into tokenised assets and the future of the industry.


Security Tokens Rest On A Knife Edge, Says Le Merle

Crypto Briefing

These fears are echoed by Stephen McKeon, a University of Oregon professor and Chief Strategy Advisor of Security Token Academy, who says that low-quality assets are the “main danger” facing the industry.


Join Security Token Academy in London for Inaugural Security Token London Meetup


We are honored to host our first-ever London meetup in partnership with Fincross International. This foray into London will allow us to bring great minds together on a global scale to share expert opinions, offer valuable insights and make strong connections.


Security Token Academy To Launch Kickoff Event In London In June

The Tokenist

The Security Token Academy is gearing up for its kickoff event this June in London. Called the Security Token London Meetup Kickoff Event, the event will bring together thought leaders in the UK within the security token industry.


Security Token Academy Crosses the Atlantic with London Meetup

Crowdfund Insider

The Security Token Academy (STA), a company covering and facilitating the emerging security token industry, has crossed the Atlantic and landed in the UK with its first Security Token London Meetup Kickoff Event. The event is scheduled for June 12th in London.


Commissioner Peirce Admits She Was 'Very Wrong' About SEC’s Stance On Cryptos

Coinlaw Multi-Jurisdiction Blockchain News

...She pointed specifically to the SEC’s recently released framework for classifying cryptoassets, under which “most of the ICOs we’ve seen would clearly be securities at issuance under this guidance,” according to Coinlaw expert and Chief Strategy Advisor to Security Token Academy, Professor Stephen McKeon.


SeedInvest Plans Secondary Market & International Expansion

Crowdfund Insider

A recent interview by Security Token Academy provided some additional insight into the future of the two platforms. SeedInvest co-founder and CEO Ryan Feit said that a secondary marketplace for their issuers in the making – perhaps by the end of the year. Additionally, SeedInvest plans an international expansion including Europe and Asia at some point in the future.


Security Token Academy director explains economic benefits of blockchain-based tokenization

Crypto Insider

Derek Schloss, the Director of Strategy at Security Token Academy, an educational platform for the security token industry, recently shared his views and insights with Crypto Insider regarding the evolving digital asset industry.


Security Token Academy Launches New Video Series Highlighting Companies in the Security Token Industry

Crowdfund Insider

The Security Token Academy (STA) announced last week it has unveiled a new video series that highlights the companies that are pioneering the security token industry. According to the STA, the videos feature a dozen industry leaders from the organization’s Corporate Members discussing how security tokens are quickly becoming the foundation for new and emerging financial markets.


The Amazing Things Blockchain Can Do

The ijpr.org

We'll ... explain the technology with Stephen Williams, joined by University of Oregon computer science professor Stephen McKeon, who is also Chief Strategy Advisor at Security Token Academy.


Security Token Academy Unveils New Video Series - The Tokenist

The Tokenist

The Security Token Academy has released a new video series which highlights the leading companies in the security token industry. The collection of informative videos features dozens of industry leaders and their corporate members.


SEC’s Digital Assets Framework Provides Broad Guidance But Little Certainty


“The good news for issuers is that this guidance offers quite a bit of new clarity, the bad news is that most of the ICOs we’ve seen would clearly be securities at issuance under this guidance,” says Stephen McKeon, chief strategy advisor to Security Token Academy and a finance professor at the University of Oregon.


BTC 2019 Welcomes KoreConEx’s Jofre to Digital Assets Panel

Finance Magnates

During an interview with Security Token Academy, Jofre explained the role of transfer agents like KoreConX and how they go beyond the mere role of custodianship[.]


Bitcoin ETF will Increase Demand and Price of BTC, Interview with Finance Researcher Stephen McKeon


CryptoSlate conducted an interview with Stephen McKeon, chief strategy advisor to Security Token Academy and associate professor at the University of Oregon. McKeon anticipates that a Bitcoin ETF will give institutional investors greater access to the asset, increasing the demand and price of BTC.


Talking US Crypto Regulation with Professor Stephen McKeon


We talk US crypto regulation with Stephen McKeon, the Chief Strategy Advisor to Security Token Academy and a finance professor at University of Oregon.


Expert Shares Insights on Security Tokens

Your Mark on the World Show

Stephen McKeon joined us to talk about security tokens. As the chief strategy advisor for Security Token Academy, he is an expert in the issuance of security tokens. Stephen explains that security tokens are digital securities, built on blockchain technology.


Security Token Academy to Hold Webinar on Tokenized Commercial Real Estate Investing - The Tokenist


Commercial Real Estate Investing via Security Tokens (CREST), a division of the Security Token Academy, will be hosting their own Webinar on January 16th, 2019. One of the focuses will be a case study on the successful tokenization of St. Regis Aspen Resort located in Aspen, Colorado.


Global Exchanges And Regulation Discussed At Security Token Event – Video


The Security Token Academy played host to the panel, which featured Adam Chapnick (director of programming at the Security Token Academy), Alex Mole (investor relations manager at Newfound) and Cliff Pace (the head of the Malta Stock Exchange Fintech Accelerator Program).


Cryptocurrency giants Coinbase and Circle form joint venture to boost adoption of dollar-backed digital coins


“If people can exchange value over the internet without a toll extracted for payments it’s pretty dramatic,” Allaire said at the October Security Token Academy conference in Manhattan. “It’ll make the web look like a cute experiment comparatively speaking in 10 to 15 years.”


Cryptocurrency giants Coinbase and Circle form joint venture to boost adoption of dollar-backed digital coins


"If people can exchange value over the internet without a toll extracted for payments it's pretty dramatic," Allaire said at the October Security Token Academy conference in Manhattan. "It'll make the web look like a cute experiment comparatively speaking in 10 to 15 years."


Current state of STO market: notes on the sidelines of Security Token Industry Launch event in NYC


The event organizer — Security Token Academy — has done an excellent job bringing in industry experts and organizing informative panels on all aspects of the new intriguing STO market: regulation, technical foundations, issuance and secondary market.


Security Token Custody Panel: ‘Trillions Won’t Flow Without Trust’

The Tokenist

The Security Token Academy held an ‘industry launch event’ in early October 2018. The event featured a long list of notable speakers, covering virtually all areas of tokenized securities in both the technology and regulatory sectors. The Custody and Transfer Agent Panel highlighted the urgent need for trust, if security tokens are to witness global adoption.


Wall Street Will Make Bigger Moves In The Crypto Space During The ‘Late Majority’ Phase, According To Former NASDAQ Vice Chairman

The Tokenist

Back in June, the Security Token Academy hosted its first Security Token Summit with a panel of speakers discussing the ‘forthcoming security token revolution’ as they called it. Prominent leaders in the industry were present. David Weild’s comments, in particular, left an impact on the audience in how we can understand the future of cryptocurrencies and their adoption.


5 Big Takeaways From The Security Token Launch Event

The Tokenist

Earlier this month, the Security Token Academy held their Security Token Industry Launch Event. Bringing together industry experts to celebrate and discuss this emerging sector of the blockchain space, the event was intended to be a watershed moment for the tokenized security space.


Circle CEO Says Blockchain Will Make the Internet Look Like a "Cute Experiment"


Jeremy Allaire believes his company's tokenization technology could have far-reaching implications in the mainstream economy. The Circle CEO affirmed his beliefs during an interview with CNBC at the Security Token Academy Conference in Manhattan


Security Token Launch Event: What’s Going on with Blockchain & Securities

Crowdfund Insider

Last week, the Security Token Academy held its second annual STO focused event in Manhattan. This year, attendance at the Security Token Industry Launch event increased dramatically as more financial services players are viewing securities on blockchain as a likely path for the future of investments. Simultaneously, crypto startups don’t want to be left out of the regulated path for issuing securities on blockchain.


Here’s How Cryptocurrency Goes Mainstream


For Stephen McKeon, a University of Oregon finance professor and cryptocurrency expert, it’s not a question of whether cryptocurrency and digital tokens will go mainstream but when, and by what means. He says security tokens are likely to become popular investments, while the use of cryptocurrencies for payments will depend on an ecosystem of digital wallets. “I’ve always viewed security tokens as a big tent that brings in a lot of traditional investors,” McKeon tells ThirtyK. These are “assets institutional investors already understand.” In addition to being an academic, McKeon is also chief strategic officer at the Security Token Academy, which aims to educate the world about security tokens and security token offerings.


Crowdfunding Giant Indiegogo Expands Into Crypto-Security Tokens With Tokenized Shares Of Stock


Of course, one of the main benefits behind security tokens is the opportunity for investors to take ownership in shares of common stock that were only previously accessible to private investors. According to the Security Token Academy, the tokenization of global assets presents a huge potential opportunity. Global equity assets are valued at about $70 trillion, with debt around $100 trillion, and real estate about $230 Trillion (about $180 Trillion in residential, $32 Trillion in Commercial, and the balance in agricultural, etc.).


My Top Five Takeaways from the First Ever Security Token Summit

Cadre on Medium

I left the Summit hopeful and excited about the direction and long term potential of the security token industry. As a potential user, Cadre and I will closely monitor the industry’s progress and would be delighted to participate in the ongoing substantive conversations to ensure the business hype is met with legal and regulatory clarity and certainty.


Optimism for Digital Assets Shines at Security Token Summit

Crowdfund Insider

At the first Security Token Summit held in New York City last week, a series of speakers discussed the emerging market with some individuals postulating that efficiencies driven by distributed ledger technology (DLT) will create a new era of investments.


Security Token Summit in NYC: The Right People in the right Industry Moment

Solidus Labs on Medium

Light on buzz, heavy on substance, free of ICO pitches and more dedicated to learning and conversation than to selling and raising — the Security Token Summit in New York this past Monday was a unique event in the realm of Blockchain.


tZero Says it is Meeting with SEC & 40 Regulators to Discuss Initial Coin Offering Regulations

Crowdfund Insider

Joe Cammarata, President of tZero, was visiting with Security Token Academy last week when he made an interesting comment.