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Lou Kerner, Founding Partner of CryptoOracle

I continue to be impressed by the great work done by the Security Token Academy to host events and create videos that build, support, and educate the crypto community about the pending Security Token tsunami.

— Lou Kerner,
Founding Partner of CryptoOracle

G. DANIEL DONEY, CEO of Securrency, Inc

Thank you for what Security Token Academy is really doing here. This is a marvelous task. This industry is nascent. It has tremendous potential. We all got to work together, sharing our information to get to the end state. You guys are doing the lion’s share of the work, so thank you.

— Dan Doney,
CEO of Securrency


Security Token Industry
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Discover the companies, exchanges, laws and technology driving this new industry.

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Learn how today’s ownership claims on stocks, bonds and real estate are being tokenized.

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Security tokens are transforming finance & investing.

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