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Security Token Industry Launch Event: Explore the Core Foundations of the Security Token Industry - October 4,5, 2018 • New York

Join us as we celebrate the launch of the Security Token Industry.Explore the Core Foundations of the emerging industry with experts such as the former Vice Chairman of Nasdaq, David Weild, and the creator of the ERC20 token standard Fabian Vogelsteller.


The Launch of the Security Token Industry

“When historians chronicle the security token movement, they will record 2018 as the birth of the security token industry."

On Wall Street, the opening bell rings at 9:30 am ET every weekday morning. But for the emerging security token exchanges and ATS organizations that will run 24x7, their bell will only ring once -- when they first open for business.

Given that many security token trading organizations will be starting operations in 2018 or 2019, the Security Token Academy has declared October 2018 as the official launch of this exciting and emerging industry in the United States.

Come together with security token leaders, experts and enthusiasts to celebrate the opening bell of the Security Token Industry on October 4 and 5 in New York City.

Launch Event Highlights

  • Special networking event: Join us and network with others as we cruise the Hudson river on the Spirit of New York yacht Thursday evening. See the Statue of Liberty and other iconic sites in New York City.
  • Be present at the ringing of the bell: Join industry leaders as we ring the opening bell of the industry on Friday, October 5, at the Conrad NYC. Also enjoy gourmet breakfast and lunch while networking with industry experts.

Explore the Core Foundations of the Security Token Industry

Join the "Father of ICOs" and creator of the ERC20 token standard, Fabian Vogelsteller, and former Vice Chairman of Nasdaq, David Weild, at our conference at the Conrad NYC on Friday, October 5.

The conference portion of the Launch Event will focus on the Core Foundations of the Security Token Industry.

Join the Academy and industry experts for this important event.

Date & Time

Thursday, October 4th
6:30 - 10PM
Hudson River Cruise on Spirit of New York Yacht

Friday, October 5th
8:30 - 5PM
Conference @ Conrad NYC


Hudson River Cruise

Conrad New York
102 North End Avenue
New York, NY 10282

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Merrill Lynch Private Banking & Investment Group


The technical foundations for the industry

Tokenization Companies and Security Token Trading Organizations


Custody and transfer agents

Operations: Interoperability and cybersecurity

And, how all of these building blocks intersect

You may not have been present at the dawn of Wall Street, Bitcoin, or ICOs –
but you can be there at the launch of the security token industry.


David Weild, CEO of Weild & Co., former Vice Chairman of Nasdaq

David Weild

CEO of Weild & Co., former Vice Chairman of Nasdaq

David is Founder, Chairman and CEO of Weild & Co., a disruptive and rapidly growing network investment bank. During his career, David oversaw over a thousand equity offerings including those for Nvidea, Celgene, BlackRock and the listings for Facebook, Netflix and JetBlue. He invented the Market Intelligence Desk (MID) at NASDAQ where he was Vice Chairman and an executive committee member. David also headed corporate finance and equity capital markets at a major investment bank were he invented the first computer system to algorithmically distribute and incentivize investment in new issue equities while disincentivizing “flipping.” He currently advises ClickIPO whose technology allows consumers to purchase new issue equities. The studies that Weild co-authored gave rise to the JOBS Act and many of the specific provisions contained therein. For this reason, he has been called “The Father of the JOBS Act.” He continues to work to improve capital formation and economic growth in the United States. His published work has been cited by a broad range of legislators, regulators, academics, the IPO Task Force, the Equity Capital Formation Task Force and the White House Jobs Council leading to the JOBS Act, the SEC Tick Size Pilot and ongoing discussions to create a new form of stock exchange (Venture Exchanges). David has spoken in Congress, at the SEC, the OECD and the G-20 on these and other market issues. He attended the signing of the JOBS Act by President Obama in the Rose Garden on April 5, 2012 and is an advisor or board member to a number of blockchain companies and regulated trading platforms including Templum and INX. David was named to Patrick Young’s list of The World’s Most Influential People in Market Structure, published by DV Books in 2017, and included in its list of top 20 “Visionaries” and top 10 “Start-up Entrepreneurs.” He was called a “Legendary Wall Street Executive” inFirestarters, published by Prometheus Books in 2018. In March 2018, Coindesk published an article entitled, “The Father of the JOBS Act is Helping Build a Next Generation ICO.”

Fabian Vogelsteller, Founder LUKSO, Ethereum Developer, ERC 20

Fabian Vogelsteller

Founder LUKSO, Ethereum Developer, ERC 20

Fabian Vogelsteller joined Ethereum before the network started in January 2015. He built the Ethereum Wallet, coming from the Ethereum Foundation - which was the first to enable smart contract interaction for non-tech people, as well as the Mist Browser, the first decentralised web3 3.0 Browser. He worked on the RPC API and still works on developer tools like web3.js, the Ethereum space's most used JavaScript library. He proposed the ERC20 token standard, and ERC725 Identity standard, and now builds LUKSO, the Fashion and Design Industry Blockchain an Ethereum sister network.