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Security Token Insight: Expert Interview with Mason Borda, Co-founder & CEO of TokenSoft

Expert Interview

Mason Borda - Co-founder and CEO of Tokensoft

Mason Borda

CEO, TokenSoft

Building on the blockchain since 2013 - Mason has built custom wallet infrastructure from the ground up, and helped scale BitGo’s multi-signature wallet platform up to $1 Billion in transactions per month. In 2016 he launched the world’s first multi-signature web wallet on the Ethereum platform, While at BitGo he architected and prototyped the cold storage infrastructure for the blockchain launched by the Royal Mint of England.

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Tokensoft is a technology platform that enables small businesses, enterprises, and institutions to meet compliance requirements for blockchain-based securities at issuance, distribution and exchange. The TokenSoft platform enables its clients to meet banking, securities and tax requirements in over 50 countries. Current and past clients include Hedera Hashgraph, The Tezos Foundation and Andra Capital.