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Security Token Insight: Expert Interview with Prysm Group’s Dr. Stephanie Hurder + Preview of October’s Security Token Industry Launch Week

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Expert Interview


Stephanie Hurder

Dr. Hurder is a Harvard-educated economist specializing in blockchain, human capital, market design, and the future of work. She is a frequent keynote speaker and panelist at industry and academic blockchain events; recent and upcoming appearances include the Federal Reserve, UC Berkeley, the University of Southern California, and the StartEngine Summit.

Dr. Hurder has held research positions at MIT, Microsoft Research, and Merrill Lynch, and appeared as a seminar speaker or guest lecturer at Harvard, MIT, Northwestern, the University of Michigan, and Washington University in St. Louis

Prior to co-founding Prysm Group, Dr. Hurder was a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group, where she was recognized as a firm-wide expert on organizational effectiveness and design and co-authored multiple publications on these topics.

Dr. Hurder is deeply committed to ensuring all individuals have access to quality labor market opportunities and devotes substantial volunteer time to education and workforce nonprofits. She holds an AB in Mathematics Phi Beta Kappa, an AM in Economics, and a Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University.