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Security Token Exchanges and Trading Organizations Take on Wall Street

Summit Introduction

featuring Lyndsi Stevens

Lyndsi Stevens - General Manager of Security Token Academy

Lyndsi Stevens

General Manager of Security Token Academy

Lyndsi is the General Manager at the Security Token Academy. Previously, she was VP of Marketing for NextGen Crowdfunding, LLC. She started her career in digital marketing at a Washington, DC-based startup after graduating from Georgetown University with aMaster of Arts in Communication, Culture & Technology from Georgetown University. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from Florida State University.

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Lyndsi Stevens:

Well thank you for coming, we’re so excited to be here at today’s Security Token Summit. My name is Lyndsi Stevens, I’m the general manager of the Security Token Academy, who is the host of today’s event. We do have a jam packed day, a jammed packed morning with speakers and sessions all the way up until lunch. If you need to leave or want to leave the ballroom, please feel free, just we ask the you watch out for the cameras back there just for your safety.

So we’re proud to be hosting the first Security Token Summit in the United States, and really the first event that’s focused on the emergence of security token trading organizations, and it’s certainly been a journey to get here.

So I’m curious to know how many of you were there at the beginning of Bitcoin movement? Anybody? Yeah, some people, and how many of you were there at the beginning of the ICO movement? A few more people. So at the Security Token Academy, we see those two things as kind of the first two waves of a journey, and today we’re going to be very forward looking at kind of a third wave focused on and powered by security tokens, especially security token trading.

So we’re here today at this third wave, joining together to be part of the first steps of the launch of the security token trading industry. Now the role of the Security Token Academy is really to help raise public awareness and visibility of the security token industry. So we share a bit of a broader perspective because we want to help people who don’t know what a security token is, you haven’t really been involved in those first two waves to understand and learn from experts and get insights into things like legal issues and regulations and the benefits and value and all the operational issues and opportunities and risks and all those things and more.

So we do this through a couple of different ways. One is by covering events and hosting events, like the one that we’re at today, and we also do this through our online video programming. So we have a multimillion dollar studio in Los Angeles, California that’s really the centerpiece of our broadcast operations, and this studio enables us to produce really high quality video programming and we can bring together experts from around the United States and the world. So we can bring together and do multi-city types of panel discussions, which means that we can bring together the best people to talk about the right topics. Since some of our videos have featured people from LA, New York, DC, San Francisco. We’ve also done interviews with company executives based in Madrid and in Shanghai.

We also recently, as recently meaning like last week, started our security token insight show, which focuses on news updates about the industry. It features expert interviews, and it also has an STO spotlight segment in which we showcase a company that’s running a security’s token offering, and we really try to focus on those companies that are in the United States.

So, how can we learn about and find out about all of our great content? Well, pick a social media channel of your choice. I encourage you to join our telegram group, find us on medium, our website is securitytokenacademy.com, and you might also want to subscribe to us on YouTube.

So, before we move on, I just want to take a moment to thank you all for being here, and also to make sure that you’re aware of our fantastic reception that he have planned this evening from 5:00 to 6:30, which is hosted by Securitize.

Now, I also have to take a moment to thank some of the people who helped make today happen, and those are our sponsors. So we’re really honored and thrilled to have Merrill Lynch private banking and investment group as our platinum sponsor for today. As I mentioned Securitize is our reception sponsor and they are a security token issuance platform featuring comprehensive lifecycle management tools for both issuers and investors to help you stay compliant. And I hope you all enjoyed the breakfast out there, which was sponsored by AlphaPoint, a global financial technology company helping institutions make illiquid assets liquid. And throughout the day, we’ll have coffee stations setup, those are sponsored by Harbor, the compliance platform for tokenizing private securities.

Two additional sponsors that we have are Clifford Chance, one of the world’s elite law firms with over 3,200 legal resources delivering innovative solutions to emerging fin-tech companies and leading financial institutions in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East, and we have tZERO, a distributive ledger platform for capital markets.