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Adam Chapnick:

What are the actual threshold or pin points that the big institutions need or require there not to be in order to get involved in this space? What’s missing or what needs to be built?

Graham Rodford:

Yes, so I think we’ve talked about credible counterpart here already, so the whole space is developing, and when we think of security tech as a value chain, the issue of the person, the issues the security token needs to work with primary issue platform or a tokenizer. You need good quality primary platforms in place and if they going to go on and create a liquid secondary venue after that you need a good secondary market in place and after that you got all post trade events so you know you think of those like settlement and custody and you need all parts of that value change to be appropriately developed.

Adam Chapnick:

Yeah locked down they have to be none porous.

Graham Rodford:

None porous, incredible jurisdiction with credible counts passes. So were trying to address the secondary market piece out of London. Were credible were transparent, we’ve approached the FCA from the start we want to be fully regulated we recognize and the FCA do too that these are securities so really it’s a well-trodden path and there are companies like Securitize, Tokeny, Rivver that you just spoke to just now they all so recognize the power of regulations and they are trying to do everything the right way so I think you know the counts parties are evolving and that’s good but you definitely need good product so when we list companies on our chats we hope that there’ll be you know appropriate robust credible products to enhance the value of the area and you also need demands for the tokens and liquidity.

Tobin McComas:

One thing that we are working on with the issuers on the platform today and certainly issuers moving forward is what level of information can you provide so that potential investors and secondary market can do the work and the research on your offering to make sure it’s something that they want to participate in? So historically there really hasn’t been much disclosure from issues from private securities and that’s part of the reason a lot of them have stayed private and elected not to go public but we think that by holding issuers kind of accountable for some disclosure that will breed more interest and more demand on the buy side so we’re having this conversation today and receptions been really good from current and perspective issues .

Alex Nascimento:

We should look at issuing platforms are they issuing under one common standard or does everyone has their own standard then you’re going to get that token and you’re going to throw it in on exchange that needs to have a good number of investors to buy and sell to generate volume. An alleges to the traditional market you will also need a broker dealer to be able to sell securities.

Dan Doney:

What we really are starting to focus on now we’re calling it the operating system for finance or the enter operating system for finance. So it nothing than all of the first the various token standards that are out there we’re agnostic in this we have own compliance aware frame work these are just add-ons that you can add on for example polymaths tokens, securitize tokens etc. so that when an issuer issues they’re able to use any one of those interfaces to interact with their tokens. So its sort of the frame work that allows you to issue tokens once and interact with them through any one of those channels and the desirer again is full and upper ability from that then we can layer in more and more financial instruments at their base level so lending we have a lending platform now doing full securitized lending again on the same basic frame work becomes very possible.

So we call it the operating system of financed because in the same way that an operating system takes and abstracts away the principles of how you do storage how you interact with the monitor etc. freeing up the software to interact with all the other pieces this is designed to do the same basic thing for finance. So it doesn’t matter which ledger you happen to be using there is some great new ledgers coming along with Algorand were real excited about Algorand as you know we also like hedera and the direction they’re going so you’ll be able to use these same base line tools across these ledgers as they continue to evolve and improve.